Alex MacIntyre Memorial Hut, Ballachulish – 4th/5th December, 2015

This months meet was in the Alex MacIntyre Hut. The Club and many members having visited here in the past. Eleven members had booked  this weekend but events were to reduce this number somewhat.First a call from Raymond to announce that he had twisted his already delicate knee, wait for it, playing basketball. No chance of a slam dunk with the Harlem Globetrotters……and no guitar player for the weekend entertainment as Norrie was recovering from jet lag and Malbec withdrawal symptoms and also couldn’t make it.

Now, who would of thought that a fractured metal beam could cause so much havoc across Central Scotland. With the Forth Road Bridge closed, 12 mile tailbacks and gridlock across routes to other bridges, Paul and Jim Hughes made a U turn for home. This decision probably encouraged by Desmond, the storm that had been lashing us for the past few days and was forecast for the next two.

Jim Aire, who also had to cross the Forth and pick up James Fraser, somehow managed to time his run to perfection and get up to 60mph across the Clacks Bridge pick up Fraz and cautiously make his way through floods, pass an accident and aquaplane to the destination, George, Alan, Neil. Ian and Ian were already settled in. Dinners were consumed followed by a car boot sale of Malts which were also consumed which led on to the entertainment, Alan Orr and his newly purchased moothy. This even made Fraz sound good but Alan had added a dance routine to his sookin and blowin. The night was rescued by Ian Miller who confessed to practising at home while sipping Smirnoff. It was around this time that two other guests, climbers up from England headed off for an early night, bet they regretted choosing the bedroom above the lounge. Shortly after the 45 followed.

Next morning, fully refreshed after breakfast and undeterred by the sheets of horizontal rain, the Ians Jim and James headed off for the two Munros of Sgorr Dhearg and Sgorr Dhonuill.


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Neil Morrison and Alan Orr opted for the Corbett Fraochaidh via the bothy Tigh Seumas a’ Ghlinne, House of James of the glen.  The Red Fox, who was hung for a murder he didn’t commit and was the basis for the novel ” Kidnapped ”  However it wasn’t a history lesson they were to get. On approaching the bothy they could hear music mixed with the hum of a generator and when they opened the door and entered, focusing  through the smoky haze of herbal grass, were greeted by a bunch of new age hippies complete with beards and dreadlocks, music blaring through amps and totally spaced out, They did however offer a cup of tea,which was declined. Not so amicable was their Doberman that attacked and sank its teeth into Alan’s arm. A hasty departure from the bothy and our pair continued on path and forest track then path and other forest tracks and being unable to see a clear path up the Corbett beat a retreat back to the Alex Mac passing the New Age Warriors van complete with keys in the ignition but being forgiving souls did not fling them into the heather.

George Henderson’s boots and gear were still wet from his hike up Ben Each in Glen Ample so he elected to stay and improve the club’s international relationship by keeping the Polish tradesman company. He was fitting insulated plasterboard sheets to the rooms.


Rumour has it he left plastered, ten sheets to the wind.

Saturday evening was a relaxed affair with George’s roast pheasant,  Fraz’s side of wild salmon and Ian P’s chocolate fudge cake to help celebrate Ian Miller’s 50th birthday.



After breaking camp on Sunday, George , Neil and Ian Miller set off for a walk to Inchree Falls The rest of us decided to head for home. a journey more exciting than the hills. Both Jim and Ian .ignoring a road closed sign In Lochearnhead they pressed on for Callander. Big mistake! With Loch Lubnaig lapping the tarmac and other drivers returning frantically indicating that we should turn back. a detour along loch Earn was taken to Comrie, Braco, Dunblane then home.  Jim was in a further 2 hour traffic jam to cross the Clackmannanshire Bridge . We witnessed the rare sighting of Loch Occasional that forms up the glen towards Balquidder on the way home on this wettest weekend



One thought on “Alex MacIntyre Memorial Hut, Ballachulish – 4th/5th December, 2015

  1. I would have thrown those keys in the heather if that had been me. Unfortunately, the bothies near the road are getting all sorts in nowadays.

    I’d have thought going along Loch Earn to Comrie would have had more chance of flooding than going over the passes to Callander?

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